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Pattaya S.W.A.T. Team Ready to Protect Citizens

Visith Pinpawong 14.01.2011 23:55
Pattaya S.W.A.T. Team Ready to Protect Citizens - pattaya - times - news - best - of - 2010

Two Pattaya S.W.A.T. teams were established by the Pattaya Police.

 The S.W.A.T. officials will be patrolling gold shops and banks throughout Pattaya. The officers will be in full uniform and will be fully armed with protective weapons at all times. The officials will be protecting local citizens all day with additional officers from 11pm until 1am. All S.W.A.T. officials have gone through a two-year training program so they can handle any emergency situation. The Pattaya Police team also expanded their inspection spots from 100 locations to 200 locations throughout the city. The inspection spots usually focus on searches for drugs, illegal vehicles and individuals driving under the influence.

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