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This is Thailand

Paul Hanson 16.12.2010 23:47

There are many expat and regular tourist farangs here in Pattaya who whinge and whine constantly about the ways things are done here and about Thai people in general. Not only do they complain to other farangs but also to Thais as well.

In Australia if a new arrival or tourist complains about Australia or Australian people they will usually be told,"If you don't like it here you know what you can do, don’t you? You can piss off and go back to where you came from. And don't come back."

Thais are less confrontational than Australians but I am sure they feel this way but are too polite to say so. So,on behalf of the Thai people I call on all these people to leave now.

A common complaint from these whingers is that with the recent red shirt/yellow shirt troubles etc. that the Thai people are stupidly ruining tourism in this country. Well what do you want them to do? Do you expect some poor farmer from the North whose family lives on less than 200 baht a day to be really concerned about a foreigner staying in a 6,000 baht a night hotel. Do you expect them to give up in what they believe in so more foreigners can come?

The Thai people do not need us here as some of these whingers like to believe. Thai tourism makes up less than five percent of the economy. The economy this year is expected to grow by more than seven percent as it has done in many of the last 20 years. So even if Thailand did not receive one tourist this year the economy would still grow. Unemployment is less than one percent, a dream figure for most Western governments.

Another common complaint from the whingers is to do with service mistakes such as getting the wrong dish in restaurants etc. Is the farang ordering in Thai or their native language? This is Thailand. If you order in perfectly spoken Thai and they get it wrong, fair enough, but if you don't,then it is your fault ,not theirs. Many expats live here for years and don't bother learning Thai (or Thai manners) and get upset when they are not understood.

Others like to complain about being ripped off. Well that shirt that you bought for 200 baht and find later out that you could have bought for 100 baht probably sells for 1500 baht in shops in the West. So where are you really being ripped off? Pulled over for a traffic infringement here can quickly be settled with 200 or 400 baht, not the 6000 baht minimum in Western countries.

Others "lose" significant money to bar girls after falling in love with them. If you meet a girl in a place that charges you to take them out/off she is going with you not because you are a sexy man, it is because they want your money. It is their job. Thai women do not have posters on their bedroom walls of fat, foreign men older than their fathers. If you buy a house, car etc. for a prostitute, what do you think is going to happen?

These whingers also complain about visa issues. I would like to remind them at least it is possible for us to live here whereas many Thais get rejected by our embassies even for a two week holiday.

Another gripe is the two tiered pricing system for entry into many places. Bad luck. This is Thailand. Thailand is for Thais. Never been colonized, never will be. Own King, own language, own culture and way of doing things. If you don't like it you know what to do, don't you?

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