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Simon's Fish and Chips

Les Edmonds 22.11.2010 21:36
Simon's Fish and Chips - pattaya - times - news - restaurant

Simon's is on the outside of Jomtien Complex on Thappraya Road round from the Hanaman statue and is an open fronted shop with no aircon but has several fans. The tables are basic wood, some with tablecloths and place mats.

It does not instill confidence in a restaurant when one enters to find that you are the only customers and that prominently displayed on the wall are posters saying:

“Successful business for sale, now at reduced price”

Your thoughts are: “If it is successful, why in the current economic climate do you want to sell?” and “ Why do you have to reduce the price?”

The menu is extensive, small fish and chips (Dory) at 120baht or 165baht with peas, large is 185 or 225baht: whilst cod ranges in price from 205 to 315 baht.

Shark or Snapper with chips and salad are 335baht and small Haddock plus chips is 225 up to 325 for regular.

There is only one breadcrumbed fish meal (Dory) and that is with chips at 185baht.

They also have a range of pies with chips and gravy and either peas or beans, all at 235baht.

As well as all this they have sausage (large UK pork) and chips at 125 or 130 if in batter, plus a range of burgers and hot dogs.

For your children there are a range of “Kid's Bites” and they also have the usual range of pickled onions, gherkins, curry sauce and pickled eggs.

Simon's claim is that they are the only shop in Thailand selling REAL Icelandic Cod, Scottish Haddock and Aussie John Dory.

If this is correct, it is reflected in the prices charged, but unfortunately even if you are serving the best the end result depends on your staff fryer and there was cause for criticism.

I ordered the “Large” Icelandic Cod & chips plus garden peas at 315baht, whilst my wife ordered Steak and Kidney pie with chips, gravy and garden peas at 235baht. We both drank water at 20baht a bottle.

The fish and chips arrived with a slice of lime but without tartare sauce and for the price charged that is not on: but on the menu it says “extra tartare sauce S10/L40baht” but considering there was no sauce to start with, how could I have extra?

The fish itself for “large” was quite small but it was a good flavour and the batter was nice and crisp, the garden peas were full of flavour as well but the meal was spoilt by the chips being lukewarm and soggy!

My wife enjoyed her pie and the peas, but once again those chips let the whole meal down.

Sorry Simon, if I was cost concious I would rather eat at the Village Chippy: but at your prices I would rather go to Gooses or the Jolly Friar where the ambience is superior and the food is better (see my previous reports).

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