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Vol. 3 Issue 20

Pollution Solution Thailand 10.11.2010 23:01

A prison of hell, unneeded death for most, not enough signs to find where these lost pets are being held, to adopt or bring food. We saw hunger, thirst, fighting to the death, sick, hurt, dying, untreated, hell hole, out of sight out of mind.

 Realizing there are many problems in Thailand,there is no excuse to destroy lives, by starvation, sickness and lack of care. We need to tell the public how to find, adopt, bring food and see how their care is being handled.

Tonys animal shelter, needs help "NOW". Every day, is a horrible death sentence for many innocent lovable, harmless, owned, lost or homeless dogs and cats.

It appears that the dog catchers, have a quota and they are able to catch mostly the friendly harmless dogs, that are owned or being taken care of, many with collars, because they do not run away. The problem dogs, that are hungry, dangerous and scared, run and hide.

The employees at Tony's, in Sattahip, on Rd 331, are doing the best they can with what they have. (Not enough)

There should be a halt on people selling dogs at markets and pet shops, there are 1,000-plus dogs  waiting to be saved at Tony's from puppy's to pure-breeds, mutts, good mixes, trained, lovable lives waiting and praying to be saved.

The Pollution Solution Group is asking for the few that might have the concerns, for man's best friend to please get involved. Together we can make a difference in how these pets are cared for.

We need to either put them to sleep, so there is no more suffering, or find them homes and put down "only" the problem unattainable ones.

Again it is not where we come from, it is not where we live, it is where we are coming from on the inside, that tells us, who we are.

Wishing all inner-wealth, health, happiness and peace and also for all living things.

NOW is the only time there is. The Pollution Solution Group. To busy? Want to help?  pollutionsolution

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