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The Pollution Solution Group Calls on Pattaya Locals

Gerry Rasmus 01.09.2010 11:11
The Pollution Solution Group Calls on Pattaya Locals - letter - to - the - editor - pattaya - times - pollution - solution - group

The Pollution Solution Group is asking your great paper,the Pattaya Times, to please help us to inform your many readers about the dangers to our children and wildlife from rubbish being left behind on our Pattaya and Jomtien Beaches.

Many people are unaware of what small discarded bottle caps, disposable lighters, camera batteries, cigarette butts, foam containers and plastic bags can do if ingested by a young child or by sea life, such as turtles, dolphins,  crabs and sea birds.

Babies up to two years old will put anything that will fit into their little mouths, things like bottle caps, AA batteries from cameras and other devices and toxic cigarette filters can choke or even kill a child.

These things, along with disposable lighters, plastic bags and foam containers choke and kill wildlife.

We understand that many, if not most of your readers are concerned and don't litter.

We have assisted frightened mothers with their babies to remove cigarette filters and bottle caps from the throats of their choking scared children. Most of this goes unreported. Who would one call to report this?  What would one say?

What we are encouraging people to do is please, when enjoying the beach, and happen to see something that doesn't belong is please take the time to remove it.A mother could be there with her children or it could rain and wash into our ocean to be ingested by sea life. 

It only takes a second to bend down and pick it up.

We here at The Pollution Solution Group do our best to remove as many dangers as we can, most, if not every day, in our area at Jomtien Beach, and we put up posters at Jomtien and Pattaya Beaches, as well as Hat Nang Ram Beach in Sattahip, supplied by Pattaya City Hall.

Many Thais come from areas where there are no garbage cans or storm drains and nobody has told them different, so many do not know better, due to lack of education.We see that our posters are in Thai and English .


Wishing Pattaya Times and your readers, Inner-wealth, Health, Happiness and Peace.

KOTO Keeper Of The Ocean

The Pollution Solution Group Calls on Pattaya Locals - letter - to - the - editor - pattaya - times - pollution - solution - group

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