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Talay Seafood at Ban Amphur

Leslie Edmonds 03.06.2010 16:06
Talay Seafood at Ban Amphur

Getting me into a seafood restaurant is a problem at the best of times; and then finding something I will eat creates another.

Most fish, unless it is British style "fish ‘n chips" does not turn me on, so it was with some trepidation that I was first coerced into going to this eatery.

The result was far more pleasant than anticipated, and this was my fifth visit to date.

They do a superb deep fried cotton fish (it is not cheap) that would stretch to four people with other side orders, but I was is need of sustenance and my wife and I shared it.

The fish is quite meaty and a mango salad accompanied it that set if off delightfully.

We also ordered a plate of stir fried mixed vegetables along with a small portion of rice and finally glass noodles with prawns, garlic and fish roe.

The combination of foods worked well.

Khun Jim always greets us enthusiastically and really looks after us, your water glass is kept topped up, my glass of Sprite is kept full, empty plates are cleared away promptly as well. I cannot speak highly enough of the service.

If you like seafood this is one place to go.

Where is it? From Pattaya take Sukhumvit road to Ban Amphur and turn right at the traffic lights (filter operates).

Follow the road round to the right and before the next sharp left bend look for a carpark on your right with all the shelter posts painted blue. Turn right into it, park, and walk out to the seats overlooking the sea for a great view.

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