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Ramblings of an Old Man

Wayne Watson 03.06.2010 15:04

William had absolutely no use for machines. He often would say, "The time you need to count on a machine, it either quits or won’t start at all." William lived in an age where machines were not quite in control of our life as they are today. So he could afford to have some distain for machines. The family car, an older model T Ford, was the focus of a unusually warm Sunday morning ire.

The family was about to embark on their weekly drive to church services. Sure enough, as William had predicted, the metal beast failed to start. The battery was quickly drained in the endeavor to bring the old Model T to life. William said not a word, but dismounted the vehicle, walked to the barn to get his trusted saddle horse.

William returned with the horse and a good strong rope. He quickly tied the rope to the frame of the idle Model T. William’s 12 year old son was placed behind the wheel with instructions on how to pop the clutch to get the car started.

It was a long morning. William and his trusted steed, dragged the old Model T out to the country road, up and down the road and back to front of the house without so much as a cough from the lifeless engine.

Once back in the yard beside the old barn, William walked round and round the silent rag top, his anger increasing with each step. Suddenly, William pick up a rock from the yard about the size of large grapefruit and poised himself like gunfighter ready for a showdown on the main street of Dodge City, Kansas after the American Civil War.

Standing front of the salient mechanical marvel, William was set on having the last word. He leaned forward and spoke in a sinister voice as he said, "You worthless piece of mechanical crap. If you won’t start, you won’t be seeing either!" It was then that the glass struck the ground as William smartly struck both headlights.

I believe it was the age of the old Model T that did her in, but to hear William tell the story it was the dedication of a hard working blue collar man that finally got the best of a machine which failed to serve man.

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