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Actress Leaves $8.4 Million Fortune to Her Butler

Eric Jackson 19.05.2010 16:29
Hollywood Actress Ruth Ford gave her fortune to her butler.

Hollywood Actress Ruth Ford gave her fortune to her butler.

Hollywood actress Ruth Ford bequeathed her entire $8.4 million (approximately 272 million baht) fortune to her Nepalese butler – cutting her family out of any inheritance.

Mrs. Ford, who died last year at 98, owned two homes in New York's Dakota Building and they now belong to Indra Tamang, who was raised in a mud house in rural Nepal.

He has spent the past three decades working as a loyal servant for the Ford family.

In her will, the actress, model and wife of film star Zachary Scott left her estate, which included the two flats and her valuable collection of Russian surrealist art, to Mr. Tamang.

Her clothes and some jewellery were the only things kept back.

Mrs. Ford barely spoke to her estranged daughter Shelley Scott and both she and the star's two grandchildren were written out of her will.

Mrs. Scott challenged it in court and received a modest settlement.

Mr. Tamang, 57, cooked, cleaned and cared for Mrs. Ford's brother, writer Charles Henri Ford, until his death and then did the same for her.

He lived with his own wife and three daughters in a small house in a modest part of Queens.

Mr. Tamang said he was "grateful, honored and humbled" by Mrs. Ford's generosity, according to the Telegraph.

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