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The Royal Cliff Beach Resort Welcomes Students From Wat Khao Phothong School

06.02.2010 22:30
The  royal Cliff  beach  resort welcomes students from Wat Khao Phothong School in Pattaya.

The royal Cliff beach resort welcomes students from Wat Khao Phothong School in Pattaya.

Students and teachers from Wat Khao Phothong School in Pattaya paid an educational visit to the world famous Royal Cliff Beach Resort and PEACH (Pattaya Exhibition and Conference Hall) to gain an informative insight into how the resort’s extensive actions have gone to improve the environment and reduce global warming.

The visitors were taken on an inspection of the resort’s facilities including the inspection of rare plants in the resort gardens, the production of bio fertilizer as an alternative to harmful chemicals, the water treatment plant of the resort as well as planting of more greenery. It was explained how the resort was able to maintain its operational effciency whilst proactively reducing harmful emissions and recycling waste.

At the end of the visit, each student was given a bottle of bio fertilizer to remind them of the importance of how everyone can help to maintain the environment, whilst their school received a donation of trees from the Royal Cliff Beach Resort to increase more green spaces in Pattaya.

The visit is in line with the Royal Cliff Beach Resort’s green initiatives to maintain and improve the local environment and educate and share knowledge and experiences with the local community so as to promote a greener future.

The Royal Cliff Beach Resort has been actively championing environmental conservation and carrying out its responsibilities for the betterment of society since its establishment in 1973, receiving several awards and recognitions, including EIA Monitoring Award (2000, 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008), Kuoni Green Planet Award (2005-06 and 2007-08) and the Best Green Hotel recognition (2008). Students from Wat Khao Phothong School learn about the GREEN initiatives of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort.

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