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PSC Sea Fishing

Mike Gerrard 21.01.2010 21:15

Ahoy ye sea dogs. (ladies excepted)

Fishing of late has not been the best due to lack of support over the Christmas and new year period.

Both the 19th December 2009 and the 2nd January 2010 had to be cancelled at short notice due to lack of passengers. This resulted in losses incurred by way of a cancellation fee to the owners of the boat.

The 16th January 2010 would  have covered this loss with seven paying customers booked for the trip. Sadly the night before two dropped out and one did not turn up on the morning. This left me with only four paying customers resulting in a loss of over 3,000 baht for the day. Very disappointing.

Never mind a wonderful day was had by the remaining passengers with the benefit of extra room for all. The seas were reasonably calm with a fresh breeze, which made it very comfortable out on the ocean. A good catch of the smaller varieties was recorded including some nice ROCK FISH, and a couple of very nice GROUPER. In addition to this we had many SNAPPER and PLA DANG. All very tasty fish to cook back home.

The next trip is scheduled for the 6th February 2010 with three names listed so far.

These are:
1. Keith Keohane
2. Bill Cleal
3. David Chilton

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