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Police Crackdown on Foreign Operated Sex Bars

Visith Pinpawong 21.01.2010 21:50
Police Crackdown on Foreign Operated Sex Bars - PAPPA Co., Ltd. - Drew Noyes - Pattaya - Bars - Sex - Crackdown - Police

Informed sources from several police divisions have told the Pattaya Times that a very serious crackdown will begin next month to catch foreign business people who are financial backers of gay bars, beer bars and a go-gos where there is sex for sale in Pattaya.

These bars charge a “bar fine” to the customer and let the employee leave for the night or a “short time” usually about two to three hours. It is suspected that many of these rendezvous are sexually related, police said. Police investigations will determine who pays the bills and gets the profits. If the person is a foreigner then their visa will be revoked and they will be expelled from the Kingdom. If it is a Thai they will be arrested if sex is for sale. There is much concern about organized crime in the nightlife venues, said one official.

“Where did the money come from? Who is behind it? Where does the money go?” asked one policechief rhetorically.

In a related matter, there will be an Interpol office opening in Pattaya to help catch more than 2,000 foreigners wanted in Thailand on various charges.

“Keep in mind, Thais are pretty easy to find compared to foreigners, Thais have a mandatory National ID Card and associated number with a microchip of their history on the card. They must be registered in a
House Book so that at all times there is someone who can say where the person is living if the police want to talk with them. This crackdown on foreigners built up to this point because it is relatively easy for us to disappear in the villages and big cities. Or to simply leave the country,” said Drew Noyes of PAPPA Legal Services in Pattaya.

“I advise anyone who has invested in a bar that might be suspected of illegal acts to clear up the problem and make sure they are not associated with any business that is engaged in illegal activities. The Thai police are taking this very seriously. Sure, in the past we have heard rumors of crackdowns, but I don’t think we have ever seen a crackdown like the one that is about to happen,” said Drew Noyes, former three-term Expat Club leader and 13 year resident.

“There are many bars that we foreigners like to go to relax and part of the attraction of Pattaya is this nightlife. If everyone will make sure that nothing offensive to Thai culture occurs inside these places and no foreigner is associated managerially or financially by a paper trail with these clubs then this crackdown may not cause many people problems. It is great to see the police crackdown on underage sex, drugs and many of the associate problems that come with the bar business, but it is important that foreigners know the law and make sure bars they are invested in are not under scrutiny by the police for prostitution. There are ways to protect yourself now,” Managing Director of the Pattaya Times Drew Noyes added.


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