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Police Hold Gold Shop Robbery Drill

Visith Pinpawong 06.01.2010 21:41
Media look on as the police stimulate a gold shop robbery similar to the one seen last May 4 in Jomtien.

Media look on as the police stimulate a gold shop robbery similar to the one seen last May 4 in Jomtien.

Following last years brazen robbery on a Jomtien gold shop by three armed men who were quickly apprehended. Pattaya Police recently held a gold shop robbery drill to prepare themselves for future gold robbery crimes.

Police Colonel Somnuk Junkeat said, “The gold shop robbery drill that we did closely resembles a real incident. We and the relating members want to be prepared if an actual crime occurs especially if criminals are armed or are holding someone hostage where we really need to be careful.”

The drill started off with two motorbikes driving around in front of a gold shop. Then one of the suspects went into to the gold shop pretending to be interested in buying some jewelry. The suspect points a gun towards the seller and steals some jewelry while the other suspect waits in front of the shop on a motorbike. The suspect jumps on the waiting motorbike while the other motorbike drives closely for protection. The four suspects then drive off to Sukhumvit road. The shop owner called the police immediately and all of the police are informed to block all roads to stop the suspects from escaping. The investigative team was then sent to the scene to get as much evidence as possible. Questions that were asked by the investigative team concerning the features of the suspects and the number plates of the motorbikes.

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After some questioning two suspects were identified on Naklua road Soi 13 while the other two escape to the Savanboriboon Foundation and hold a person hostage. The police then inform the team to be prepared if the suspects decide to escape or shoot at police.

Police Colonel Somnuk Junkeat along with Police Lieutenant Colonel Supachai Piemnanus and Lieutenant Colonel Pramod Yarmpradit were able to reconcile with suspects.

The drill that was conducted mirrored the actual event that occurred on May 4, 2009 at one of the gold shops in Jomtien. That incident was then used as a study guide for the drill. All of the suspects from the robbery in May were caught within three days.

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