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Visith Pinpawong 06.12.2009 19:30 Thailand’s Official Web Community for 2010 Countdown Launched - eHappy Card - New Year - Christmas - TAT - Community - Thailand - Web - will be the Thailand official countdown website supported by The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in the “Amazing Thailand” project,

and by the Bangkok Tourism Division in “Bangkok Smiles” project together with other supporters, for tourists who are coming to Thailand during the Christmas, New Year and Countdown 2010 perriod.

The 4 main features of the site will be,

“2010 Destination” : Containing 10 remarkable destinations to visit and to experience in Thailand during the period of Christmas, New Year and Countdown 2010 period with Top 20 popular things to do lists at each destination.

“New Year’s Resolution” : Travelers are able to post and share 2010 resolutions and their wishes to others.

“eHappy Card” : Travelers can select Amazing Thailand photos and send them as a ecard to others. Senders have the opportunity to win a prize from the lucky draw on this website every week.

“Events & Activities” Updates of significant events and activities during November 2009 to January 2010.

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