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Pattaya’s Mayor Proposes Three-Stage Plan to Develop

Karun Khanijou 31.01.2009 20:00
Pattaya’s Mayor Proposes Three-Stage Plan to Develop - Three-Stage Plan - Naa Baan - Dongtan Beach - Destination - Island - Taa Waen Beach - Koh Larn - Ittipol Khunplume - Pattaya

The Mayor of Pattaya City, Itthiphol unveiled his plans exclusively to News reporters of Pattaya Times to boost development and tourism on Koh Larn Island. In his statement, Mayor Itthiphol said “Koh Larn is one of Pattaya’s tourist destination but many people do not know that this island is under the patronage of Pattaya City in terms of development and preservation.

The entire area of Koh Larn is 4.07 square kilometers or 2,500 Rai. Koh Larn’s landscape compromises of greenery alternating with beaches. Furthermore, most of the geographical landscape consists of mountainous terrain, making it a tourist destination worth preserving.

The Mayor further stated “The Pattaya City Administration has proposed a 3-stage plan to develop Koh Larn into an international tourist destination, and stage-1 will go to making the island a cleaner and beautiful place. Koh Larn has a population of 3,000 inhabitants, with the majority of its residents being originally from the island itself. These people have a very basic way of life, and if we are to make Koh Larn into a world renowned destination we need to develop the island with facilities that can support the influx of tourist visiting the island, particularly in the Tha Na Baan area. The second stage is a short-term plan to develop and renovate tourist spots on the island. The developments that we have currently undertaken includes renovating the pier at Taa Waen Beach, the most beautiful beach on the island and improving the area around Taa Waen by building a sports arena and an occupation center. In order to convert Koh Larn into a leading tourist destination, I will not allow private commercialized businesses on the island. We will be focusing on ways to transform the island into a natural resort instead and that forms the basis of the third stage or our 3-staged plan.

Mayor Itthiphol further stated “Apart from this 3-stage plan we have made arrangements with the regional electricity administration to install underground electrical cables to the island, so that residents and tourist will have sufficient electricity. This project will be completed by February and is estimated to cost 180 million baht. The cable line runs from Dongtan Beach to the Naa Baan pier area of Koh Larn

Mayor Itthiphol commented on the 500 million baht tourism budget approved by the Thai Government “This is good news and we have to thank the government for seeing the importance in enhancing tourism. Even though this budget may not be enough it will contribute significantly to developing tourism in Thailand.”

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