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Response to Letter to the Editor from last issue: Issue 7

Howard Miller 06.04.2009 20:30
Response to Letter to the Editor from last issue: Issue 7 - Police - Pattaya - Newspaper - Expat Club

Response to the article “FPV the True Story” published in Pattaya People tabloid.

The Pattaya Times newspaper joins your efforts to be one who unites and not a divider. You’re Foreign Tourist Police Assistants and the Foreign Police Volunteers serve a vital role in bridging the cultural and language barriers of foreigners and Thai police organizations. Properly run, they serve a vital function. They should be under one command and set of rules.


Conversations with Pattaya residents Bobby Brooks and Gary Hacker of the US Embassy, Peter Thorand of the US Navy League, members of the Foreign Police Volunteers, Foreign Tourist Police Assistants and leaders of various Pattaya clubs and organizations confirm we all want the same thing: Transparency, positive actions and socially-conscious progress for Pattaya City. We all can help.


There is a reason 15 years or so ago that the founders of the Pattaya Mail, Pattaya's first English newspaper, split and then there were two newspapers.  It’s the same reason there were two telephone books for Pattaya and there are now two Expat clubs and two foreign police organizations.


Those of us who have been here for a while know why and those that don't know can ask almost anyone and get the same answer.  Some people just do not work well in a group environment and have a Prima Donna attitude. This must end.


It is incumbent on all of us to look forward to the future of Pattaya and the region. Some of the dinosaurs of the past will eventually fade away making way for new, vibrant, creative, 21st century-minded people who will put service above self and morals above profit.


Pattaya has a dynamic mayor 37-years-old educated in California and from an exceptional family with strong roots in Chonburi Province. Our 42-year-old Pattaya police chief is the only PhD police chief in Thailand with his doctorate from the Philippines. He is an excellent leader.


The Chief of Immigration is a rising star, also.  As the former Deputy Secretary to the Supreme Commander of the entire Royal Thai Police and the founder of the first volunteer organization of foreigners working with the police, he is quite capable of helping to clean up any remains of the "old guard" of foreigners who are among the wanted and unwanted in their home countries. He too, is 42-years-old and his birthday is one day away from the Prime Minister of Thailand.


It’s time for the new generation to take charge. Young Howard, you are part of that generation.


God’s speed. 

Drew Noyes

Managing Director

Pattaya Times Media Corporation

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