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An Old Man’s Ramblings

Wayne Watson 21.11.2009 19:30

Is time really on your side?

In the days gone by, I was told “you have time on your side. You have plenty of time to get the job done. I have all time in the world.” Do I? Is time friend or foe?

When I was young, I thought I would live forever. Didn’t we all? I now know that is not true. From the time we are born we fight “Father Time” just get a few more precious minutes or hours. Why?

Is it that we are not enjoying the time we have and want some more that we will also, not enjoy? Or is that we believe that if we had more time we could finally enjoy the time we have?

I believe we all fight for all the time we can get. We all wish we had more time. Time is not on my side or yours. Time is good and bad, mostly what you make of time. Even with a seeming over abundance of time, no one has enough time. You cannot make time. You can enjoy time if you have a mind to enjoy anything.

Is time friend or foe? I believe that time is what you make of time. If you are disappointed with the way time has left you then you will not speak very highly of time. If you are happy with the way things in your
life have unfolded, then time is a friend and in your side.

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