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Wuttipol Khirin 15.06.2009 20:30
Silavadee - Silavadee - Spa - Treatments - Body Scrub - Facial Treatments - Body Wrap - Massage

Tucked away quietly from the hectic pace of Pattaya-Naklua Road, Silavadee Spa is a set in a lush tropical garden. The entrance is stylishly decorated with stones sitting in a small pond leading to the front door. Once inside, a charming receptionist who told me to slip into a pair of slippers welcomed me.

The “Silavadee” takes its name “Sila”, meaning "stone" combined with “Vadee”, meaning good, beautiful, and precious. Hence, “Silavadee” encapsulates a unique of day spa in a new concept to use the power of precious stone for healing your health, beauty and relaxation.


Silavadee offers a wide range of treatments all designed to help relax, revitalize as well as energies a tense and fatigued body. The treatments are categorized into different varieties: massage menu, facial treatments, body scrub, body wrap, and half-day and full-day spa package. After careful consideration, I opted for 'Rejuvenation', one of Silavadee's most popular half-day spa packages.


Lasting about two hours and 30 minutes, it comprises of footbath, shower, Thai herbal steam, a choice of body scrub, and a choice of massage. Once the choice of treatment was decided, it was time to choose the scrub and massage oil to go with it.


Freshly prepared scrub comes in six different kinds: lemon, Thai tamarind, honey and oatmeal, sesame and honey, tropical fruit, jasmine rice, and coconut. Each concoction works differently, depending on skin type.


While the facilities and the 'cuisine' for my skin were being prepared, the rejuvenating session began with a gentle footpath in rose petal sprinkled water - a brief, yet soothing little indulgence that prepared me for better things to come.


As soon as I stepped inside my little 'tepee', the aroma of a mixed variety of exotic Thai herbs greeted me. In order to obtain the maximum benefits from these herbs, I was told to inhale deeply and slowly. It is believed that a boiled mixture of fresh and dried essential herbs (lemongrass, khamin, Prai, bergamot lime and camphor leaves, among others) has medicinal properties to treat skin ailments, muscle stress, and respiratory problems.


I was told to go rinse myself off before the massage - the highlight of the day I shall say. My choice was 'Oriental Revival massage', Silavadee's signature soft to medium massage – perfect for those new to massage therapy and those who want to have a good dozing. I felt the aromatic lemongrass oil being kneaded into my back. The last thing I heard was her saying how I had 'knotted' back muscles. I must have fallen asleep through most of the session.


With clothes back on my oil-nourished body, I was invited to stay for the 'Silavadee Brunch'. But wait, if I remembered correctly, I didn't order any food there must have been some misunderstanding. As it turned out, the light and healthy 'Silavadee Brunch', consisting of a tuna garden salad, fruit smoothie and fruit salad, was a complimentary meal for appointments made before noon.


Silavadee Spa truly embraces the spirit and tradition of holistic healing, and offers a spa menu that features a comprehensive and balanced range of exotic, revitalizing 'feel-good' and 'look-good' treatments.


Open 10:00 - 22:00 (last appointment is at 20:00) Location: 157/ 168 M.5 Soi Naklua 18, Pattaya-Naklua Rd,. Pattaya, Thailand 20150 Contact: 038 371 447 Fax: 038 371 449 E-mail:



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