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What are Thai Measurements?

Drew Noyes, Managing Director P.A.P.P.A. Co., Ltd. Legal and Visa Services 16.11.2009 20:00

The metric system was introduced into Thailand in 1923, and was made compulsory in 1947. However, in construction measurements you may hear "kubp" (from an extended thumb to small finger) and "sawg" (from the tip of the middle finger to the elbow).

  • The measurement of land also has antiquated measurements which is understandably difficult to change. The basic unit of measurement is the "waa". One "waa" equals four meters. A "tallang waa" is simply four meters squared. Land is measured in much smaller units than our acre called "ngaan" and "rai". Four ngaan equal one rai and 2.53 rai equal one acre.

1 waa = 4 meters
1 tallang waa = 4 square meters
1 ngaan = 100 tallang waa or 400 square meters
1 rai = 400 tallang waa or 1,600 square meters
1 acre = 4,840 square yards, or 43,560 square feet = 2.53 rai


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