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An Overview of Gay Pattaya

SPICE! Magazine 15.07.2009 20:00

Pattaya has hundreds of restaurants, bars and other venues catering to westerners and most of the signs are in English. Compared to Bangkok, prices here are quite reasonable.

A decent meal will only set you back a couple of hundred baht. Alternatively, if you want to splurge, there is plenty of “fine dining” choices—just refer to the ads and listings in this paper or SPICE! Magazine.


During daylight hours, visit the gay beach located in the Dongtan Beach section of Jomtien. Hop a Jomtien- bound Songtaew (Songtaew is the Thai name for the Blue Baht Buses that make circle routes around designated areas. The starting point for the Jomtien route is at 2nd road & South Pattaya road – alongside the School yard), get off when you spot the sea (Jomtien Beach road), and walk right on the foot path past the Avalon Resort. The gay beach area starts just past the Public Toilet Kiosk and you will see various deck chair concessions distinguished by the color of the wooden chair frames. Pick out a chair, the staff will bring you a menu, and you can order food and drink. Typical beach activities include jet skiing, parasailing and swimming. Of course, the main attractions, for many, are the boys who strut their stuff up and down the beachfront. There are also many young men who, for about 200 baht, will give you a one-hour massage right on the beach. You can also get manicures and pedicures, and buy all sorts of food and merchandise from vendors who pass by.


Most gay tourists come for the vibrant nightlife. The scene is very commercial and all of the dancers, waiters and bar staff can be “taken off” the premises. Most of the gay venues are clustered in specific areas.


Pattayaland Sois One to Three (Soi 3 is the original Boyz Town.) in South Pattaya that has lots of gay bars and a variety of boys for every taste. In Boyz Town, you will want to try Boyz Boyz Boyz that offers a late night cabaret show; and The Copa that has a cabaret and an erotic swimming show. At Funny Boys, you will find low-key music and a “living room atmosphere” with a selection of cute go-go boys. Wild West, on Pattayaland Soi 2, presents two good nightly shows, sometimes a bit naughty, but mild compared to some of those on Soi Duangthawee in Bangkok. A few of the bars on Pattayaland Soi One, including Star Boys, present somewhat more shows that are daring. For a different perspective, try the lounge shows at Café Royalé for piano bar & El duo singers. The New D2 Hotel on Second Road on Friday evening’s offers “deep splash” for gays at their Deep Bar featuring an upscale intimate atmosphere with music videos.


Sunee Plaza, in South Pattaya, between Sois VC and Yensabai, is a bit downscale but chock full of go-go and open-air host bars. The boys tend to be on the younger-looking side, so make sure you check ID. If you are into femme-looking boys or lady boys, this is the place for you. Some popular choices are Villa Rouge, Crazy Dragon, and Euro Boys. Over in Jomtien Complex, there is a lower-key alternative to Pattayaland and Sunee Plaza. You will find a variety of restaurants, host bars, and massage parlors, including Question Mark, which is a popular host bar that also offers massage services upstairs. Other venues worth a look are Monty’s, Dolce Vita and the fabulous new “The Venue”. All this and several late nights “After-Hours” Thai-style dance venues with dancing Coyote boys and cabaret acts to enjoy your wild Pattaya nights (see Highlights page in SPICE! Magazine – What is Spicy! or at www.


A place to meet young men, not necessarily Thai, and not money boys, is Sansuk Sauna, off Thappraya Road. The lavish, three-story facility offers a swimming pool, steam, sauna, fitness equipment, and a dark room with private cubicles. Food and drink are available, and there is an adjoining guesthouse. Pattaya offers several discos that are quite popular with Thai guys, including X-Zyte on 3rd road, if you want late Nite – after hours Gay Discos, all with very loud music, dancing, Coyote boys and shows, try X-ray, NAB, or The Dave Man clubs.


While it is impossible to mention all the venues, you can find most of them listed right in SPICE! Magazine and on our website, www.


(All information on this page is copyrighted by SPICE! Magazine and used with their permission)

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