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TAT Instills Common Sense of Ecological Preservation through “Providing Fishes’ Habitat and Refreshing the Sea”

Parinya Tessawadi 06.09.2009 20:00
TAT Instills Common Sense of Ecological Preservation through “Providing Fishes’ Habitat and Refreshing the Sea” - Fish - Samaesarn - TAT - Sea

Hundreds of fancy cartoon fish were recently released into the Samaesarn Sea in Sattahip district.The ceremony was led and chaired by TAT Director, Niti Kongkrut, and his staff. The objective was to decorate and color the Samasarn Sea in order to attract both domestic and international tourists to experience the beautiful underwater world of this location, one of the most stunning beaches and scenic waterways on Thailand’s Eastern coast.

Pattaya Office TAT Director, Nitti Kongkrut, revealed that the Samaesarn Sea contains many isolated small islands, and is under the responsibility of the Sattahip Naval Base. This sea location has been under development for many years, focusing on botanical preservation – a project under the royal initiation of HRH Princess Chakkri Sirindhorn. This project was initiated after a survey revealed that Samaesarn’s northern area contains insufficient marine vegetation and sea life. Therefore, the project of releasing cartoon fish and planting sea coral was created to provide the Aquarius ‘habitat’ in order to enhance the marine ecological system.


 The releasing of the one hundred cartoon fish was another cooperative project coordinated by private, government and independent organizations, aimed at connecting and enhancing the ecological system’s chain for marine plants and animals, ultimately creating a natural balance to benefit humans, as well as, the environment.


Furthermore, the project, itself, resulted in the fostering of unity and good relationships between staff members of the participating organizations, as well as, instilling the goal of enhancing the preservation of Thailand's natural resources.


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