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Ahoy Matey 05.10.2009 20:55
PATTAYA SPORTS CLUB SEA FISHING REPORT AUGUST 2009 - Pattaya - Queen Fish - Fishing - Sport - Bangsaray Harbor

We have had three trips this last month and although the catches have been good it appears that this time of the year we have to be very careful about the weather.

 There have been reports of good catches of big fish just lately, but to achieve these catches the boats have to go out past the protection of the Islands and spend quite a bit of time in heavy swells.


Bear in mind that we are not a commercial fishing fleet and all we try to do is make these trips a pleasure day out,therefore staying out in windy conditions is not conducive to our ambitions. 


So, we decided to instruct the skipper back to calmer waters where we could keep our balance and feel more relaxed. This proved to be the right thing to do and we still managed to bag a good haul of fish, including some fair sized QUEEN FISH, and POMPANO. In addition to these we also managed to catch many other varieties between 1 pound in weight to 3 or 4 pounds. These fish make good eating.


Last week the catch of the day was a 15 Kilo Queen Fish and at one time the skipper of the boat was very worried that the fish would swim under the boat thus possibly breaking the line on the bottom of the boat. What a hero. When the going got tough, he decided it was time to beat the fish at his own game and immediately dived in the water, rod in hand and swam under the boat. When he came up the other side he managed to get tangled in other lines and there he was holding on to the rod with the fish on with one hand and untangling himself with the other hand. Eventually he managed to get the fish near enough to the boat for one of the deck hands to gaff it safely on board.


We normally go out from BANGSARAY HARBOUR between 7.00am to 8 am, depending on tides etc. By about 4.00pm most folk feel that have had enough and this is a good time to head back to shore where we go to the local beach side restaurant and sip a beer or two whilst the kitchen staff of the restaurant clean the fish ready for us to take home.


All passengers bring their own food and drink and if you have your own rods and reels best to bring them along. Anyone not bringing their own equipment will be provided with some to fish with. Also all the bait is provided by the boat skipper.


Our skippers work really hard all day, trying to find fish and helping everyone with their tackle and catches, thus earning a nice tip from all of the passengers.


Transport can be arranged if you have none, and we all meet at a predetermined point on the morning.


Individuals or groups who are interested should contact either myself, MIKE GERRARD on 087 091 7564 or go to the PSC clubhouse and register with the office girls.


More information (including fees) and registration forms can be found on the PSC website ( Go to the heading FISHING and find the page you want from the list on the left hand side of the page.


The next organized date is Saturday the 3rd October, but this date is already full. If you are interested please give me a call because I have so many calls and I can arrange another day, any day, and seven days a week. Groups of 7 persons are the maximum allowed for fishing. Other spectators are welcome with a smaller fee involved.


Tight lines Guys.


Mike Gerrard.

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